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What kind of body should I have to practice yoga?

YOUR body. That’s all; there are no strength or flexibility requirements.

What should I wear?

Wear light comfortable clothing that fare well with sweaty activity; wearing fitted clothing will help to keep fabric out of your way during practice. 

What should I bring?

Bring yourself, an open heart, an open mind, yoga mat, large towel, and water. (The latter items are available for rent/sale if you need them.)

I have an injury/limitation/pregnant, can I come?

Most likely! Alas, talk to your doctor. There are modified postures for those with limitations and ultimately it is to the combined discretion of you & your medical professional. 

Is it ok to bring my child?

Children are always welcome. For studio classes, please follow links on my schedule to check individual sites for specific suggestions around bringing children; Hot yoga is typically recommended for persons 15 years and older.I have NO experience (or I am out of shape) can I practice yoga?

Absolutely! Everyone can practice yoga. 

Some recommendations if it’s your first time in class:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early

  • Bring a mat, large towel, and water (these items are available for rent/sale if you need them) 

  • Hydrate well before class, and do not eat heavy/greasy/fatty foods  2-3 hours before class

  • Wear light comfortable clothing

  • Consult your physician regarding any physical conditions or prescription medications before taking class. 

  • Your personal belongings can be stored in a locker or left outside the room until class is over. Leave your valuables at home or in your car.